How do I readdress a letter?

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    Brian Conway

    In the Recent announcement from Genie:

    "an issue we have found in the 9.3.8 15 October 2020 release of Genie. It has been brought to our attention that when using the re-address icon in a referral / reply letter, the Address Book fields within the body of the letter do not update accurately.

    The recipient information at the top of the window, however, is updated correctly. We are looking at re-releasing Genie v9.3.8 early next week, and will contact you again once this has become available.

    In the interim, you will need to delete and re-add the Address Book fields in the body of the letter if you are using the re-address icon"

    Your fix is slightly more complicated than needs to be (unless of course you have already populated the body of the letter before re-addressing), 2 easier fixes, 1. Re- address before choosing the template or 2. change the template then switch back to the original/correct template and the address will be updated, saves having to work out what to delete and what to leave. hope this is helpful

    Dr Brian Conway Adelaide

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