How do I add a specialty in Genie?

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    Brian Conway

    I think Genie needs to upgrade the searchable possibilities of the address book. Currently Genie has limited itself to: .....HPI-I Specialty Codes as currently controlled by the ADHA.  For conformity with various eHealth regulatory bodies, we now need to use the occupation names as published by Australian Bureau of Statistics. This involves corresponding codes......

    From a user perspective this is very limiting and unnecessary. Take for example Psychiatrists, as a paediatrician I want Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, not those that see adults, in the Category box I have to list them as a specialist so any referrals will get correctly identified, and in the specialty box I have no choice, and can only list them as psychiatrist, for professions that don't do Medicare referrals such as: Developmental Educator, Lactation Consultant, Music Therapist, Equine Therapist, Mentor, Hypnotherapist, Play Therapist I can label them as such in the Category field, but there are many Obstetricians who no longer do Gynaecology and some who only do Gynaecology etc, and some who only do Gynaecological Oncology etc, we need a 3rd category for specialists, that we can make a searchable field for a sub sub-specialty.


    Brian Conway Adelaide




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