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Online Patient Registration

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    Dr Brian Conway

    Online registration forms: Have just signed up and tried it on a test patient.
    First impressions and feedback.

    It is not clear what minimum data set you need to enter to get a link formed, or is it just a time delay? If that could be fleshed out.

    The patient has to sign up for an account, they are not warned about this, nor is it clear that this is to the Genie online portal or for our practice and where that is being stored.

    Password requirements you are not forewarned until you start typing and have to think of a new one.

    Contact title: No doctor option

    Phone number: must have area code, it doesn't tell you this, but if you don't enter it you cannot add it later and must start again overwriting the phone number you typed (not the same for pharmacy page which allows you to add the area code later).

    Emergency contact:It might be helpful to have relationship to patient listed.

    Makes a mandatory Skype address. We do not use Skype nor does Genie it uses Amazon Chimes, who would ever suggest someone would need to have a Skype account? At least it accepted me writing "I hate skype" as my Skype address!

    Pharmacy mandatory name and phone and street suburb address
    Pharmacy phone you should notify "must include area code"
    Post code is mandatory yet will self populate, yet seeing the postcode asterix may put people off if they know the suburb but not the postcode. I note many pharmacies are named with a suburb but are in a different suburb.
    Golden Grove Chemplus is in Wynn Vale
    Mitcham National Pharmacy is in Torrens Park
    Priceline Munno Para is in Smithfield
    and so on

    The Health fund did not populate but put it in the Notes section at least

    The process created an account holder, and this this may be wrong for families/Children.


    Dr Brian Conway Paediatrics at Burnside and North Adelaide




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    Liesl Thrum

    Hi Dr Brian Conway,

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your feedback. We really appreciate the time you have taken to investigate the product and provide your constructive feedback, as it will unquestionably help us in making the product better. I will be sending you an email just to confirm all your points of feedback on Online Patient Registration so that I can properly convey them to our product team.

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    Donna Marcy

    Just signed up and trialed test patient. All worked fine but I thought there was going to be an option to email if patient doesn't have mobile number or doesn't wish to complete registration on phone. Is this available?

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    Liesl Thrum

    Hi Donna Marcy, thank you for your comment. The way Online Patient Registration forms are currently configured, you are only able to send an SMS, not an email, from within the Advanced Extras window. You do, however, still have the ability to send an email to the patient, it's just a slightly more manual process. Within the new patient's demographics after you have initially saved the record, you will find a Registration Link in the Memo field that you can copy and paste into an email directly to the patient. The registration link will look like this: Registration Link:

    If you choose to send emails to your patients I would recommend setting the patient registration forms to send manually so that they are not receiving an SMS and an email to complete the form. I would love to submit feedback to our product team on your behalf to include the option to email directly from within the Advanced Extras window in the future.

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