MAC USER ALERT - Incompatibility of macOS Catalina & Genie

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    Peter Oram

    "We will continue to update our customers as we progress with the development of a 64 bit application."

    How will Genie Solutions update us? Via email? Via an online forum? My preference is for DIRECT communication with customers, rather than asking customers to keep checking an online forum in case the information has changed. 

    "We are committed to delivering on this updated 64 bit application before Apple ceases support for macOS 10.14 Mojave."

    Thankfully, it will probably be a year or two before Apple completely ceases support for Mojave. But the problem in the meantime is that when we have problems with other elements of macOS (e.g. Mail or Messages), it becomes increasingly difficult to receive adequate support from AppleCare because the first thing that they do is strongly urge us to upgrade in order to solve the problem, and they are very reluctant to do any significant trouble-shooting if the customer is not using the latest macOS.

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