November MBS and Health Fund Fee Schedules

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    Michael Knight

    As a Spinal Surgeon I am unable to currently bill any of my patients because there has been no schedule update from the Private Health Insurers that includes the 51XXX items. All the previous items are now invalid. TAC has included the new items their July update as found as an excel spreadsheet on their website, but for some reason my when I import this from Genie Updates the new numbers do not appear. Even GU PHI update from 1 Nov does not include these numbers. Can you please give some indication when the new schedule items will be available to import into Genie.

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    Bridget de Gier

    Hi Michael,

    We have now released the November Fee Schedules for AHSA, Garrison, GU Health, HCF, TAC and Mildura Health.  As any further fee schedules are made available to us we will work through getting them tested and published for our users to download.