Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Caleb & Maria

    Some good shortcuts I've just learned after using Genie for 5 years. Embarrassing!

    Do you guys have a one-page printable or downloadable quick reference guide that shows these for new staff to refer to? I think that many years ago we used to have a mousemat displaying most of the shortcuts, but that disappeared a long time ago.

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    Hi Caleb & Maria,

    Thanks for your feedback, glad you found the article useful, there's definitely some great shortcuts which will help improve your efficiency throughout the day. Keep an eye out for our newsletters too, we often include tips and tricks to help your daily workflow.

    We don't currently have a printable cheat sheet, bur I'd suggest to print this to PDF if you want a quick reference guide. I'll pass on your feedback regarding the mousepads to our marketing team.

    Thanks again for your feedback, much appreciated.

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