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    Dr Brian Conway

    The expression:  Site]ProviderNum only seems to work in pathology forms and invoices and billing, it does not seem to work in letter templates and now with the new radiology templates recent upgrade, it is now causing multiple times daily bugs, and errors in radiology ordering and needs to be urgently fixed. As far as I can see the only place the Pathology Form is pulling it from is the 5th Tab “Practice Sites” in User preferences, linking that with the default site for which practice specification within that tab, but for some reason it doesn't seem to work in letters and radiology templates. This also suggests it is a 4D writer related issue.

    Please investigate and remedy ASAP. Genie is predominantly used by Specialists and specialists often work across many sites so I assume this will be affecting many practices.

    Dr Brian Conway Adelaide




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    Liesl Thrum

    Hi Dr Brian Conway,

    Apologies for the delay in response. I can confirm that we have taken this request onboard and will be releasing an update in our new Genie v9.4.1 - due for release in late April 2021. While this change will automatically apply to the updated Pathology Request templates we are implementing in v9.4.1, it unfortunately isn't possible for us to retroactively modify the radiology request templates in your Genie.

    For your radiology request templates, you will need to edit each custom form and replace the [Preference]ProviderNum field with the [Site]ProviderNum field once you have updated to v9.4.1. The [Site]ProviderNum field in v9.4.1 (for both Radiology and Pathology requests) will pull in the default site for the practice that you are currently logged in as (as decided in your User Preferences > Practice Sites). We will also have a "Load Site" expression available where you can choose a provider number listed against any of the users at the practice. This will mean that administrative staff can create requests on behalf of providers and they will still be able to pull in the correct details of the requesting doctor.

    I will be documenting this in more detail once v9.4.1 is ready for release, however, thought I would provide some minor details for you now!

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