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    Dr Brian Conway

    This article is a little confusing if you are installing on a 64 bit server greater than 9.2.2.

    4. Run the installer and complete the installation with the default settings, including the default installation location, as above.

    you have the default in the image above as C:\Program Files (x86)\gs\gs9.18 but in fact the default for 64 bit will not be (x86). but C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.18, so you are left wondering do I change the default or allow the installer to choose the default?

    If you’re running Genie version 8.6.6 or later, Genie will detect the presence of Ghostscript on your computer and it will be linked automatically, but this does not show as linked on the image pro as in the image

    and if you do try to link it you get:  "invalid file Please select the file named 'gsdll32.dll'" even though you have a 64 bit system, and the Where is ghostscript? linking button is still there!

    I think you could tidy it up to encapsulate the various scenarios and remove the ambiguous references.

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